More Sales with Mobile Applications

A business owner who is reliable, ensuring that any costs incurred from the business should have a significant impact on profits earned. Little room for cost spekulativ and false results.

Even so, a savvy business owner can be alert to opportunities, and observed that the advancement of mobile technology is good news for her business and her bisnis penginapan.
The combination of technology innovative, and openness will be the trend of technological gadgets customer is an opportunity that can be exploited, to increase business profits. However, the question now is: how?

Business and technology consulting firm - Solusi.Mu, brought the concept of mobile marketing. The concept of method mix concrete, how to use mobile applications to increase sales of a business.

Mobile applications can help boost turnover in several ways. Some of the technical features that can be used from mobile technology will be presented in this article ..

Offer # 1 mobile transaction system
This is the most concrete way to make your cashier is getting busy. 5 out of 10 internet users in Indonesia, using a mobile gadget, and only 2 people to access it through a PC at home. Costumer already started "Mobile", and if your business has also been "Mobile"? Shop Online today, not complete if not equipped with Mobile'nya version. Imagine how big the potential market expansion of your online business, if you also offer a mobile transaction system. For your loyal customers, the mobile application is a normal way, practical and quick to do a purchase.

# 2 Send a message notification that interactively
What do you do to keep buyers coming? By talking to them / Communications. Yes, the quicker and equally effective your communication, the more likely the buyer will come. Alert in mobile applications (Push Notification), is a very efficient way and cheap in your business communicate with customers. With push notification, you can send promotions, special offers, discounts, or special programs directly to customers in a matter of minutes, with a 97% rate of effectiveness. When customers read it, then open it, then they can be routed directly to the mobile application, whether it be to buy goods, or get a rebate voucher. This will provide the impetus to make the interaction with your business.

# 3 Give awards for customer loyalty
Gifts / Awards, is a method that has stood the test of time to improve customer satisfaction. When customer satisfaction increases, then the customer will come back again. Powered by the sophistication of mobile technology, customer loyalty programs can be implemented easily and practically. Businesses no longer need to hire a designer, print coupons, distribute them, and register one. Everything is automatically saved with a neat, attractive and interactively on any mobile customer applications. With this program, you can reward your loyal customers, the cost, time and effort are minimal.

# 4 Make your business easy to be promoted
In the world of marketing practical, "Word of Mouth" or the promotion of "Mouth to Mouth" is a potent recipe. Similarly digital'pun world, has the function of Social Reference or "Social Referrals" are similar. The easier your business spread to other people, the greater the number of sales efek'nya to you. Mobile Applications accommodate the ability to spread your business with just one touch, or even automatically by itself. Each activity in mobile subscribers in your application, it can be known by relatives and friends. It is a subtle and persuasive way to enlarge your market.

# 5 Provide possibility for reservation in mobile
If your business is a restaurant, spa, hotel, clinic, therapy, legal consultant, fitness studio, salon, or other businesses that work based on session time, it allows people to make reservations in mobile is like opening the door wide to be their customers . They can access directly a suitable schedule, and without going through the cumbersome procedures, they can order whenever and wherever they are. This facilitates customers again put through the reservation and open a new channel to increase sales.

# 6 send digital invitations for your event
Whatever your business (whether it's radio stations, malls, cafes, clubs, hotels, etc..), If you want to organize a business event, it would be equally effective to display it in a place, where people can see it. Using Event RSVPs, your business will be equally effective in organizing the arrival of guests, as well as a forum to interact with participants. The more participants who come, the more interaction and photographs on display at the event, it also increase the attractiveness of the event, which in the end is to optimize whatever purpose you hold the event.

# 7 Give a door for access to all of your digital channels
Another way to increase sales, is a promotional channel combines all your digital media in one door, including mobile applications. By using a mobile application to capture your customers, they can access all the digital channels you have, without having fragmented within a particular platform. Is it on the Facebook Fan Page, Twitter account, Google+, Instagram, E-Mail Newsletter, etc., can all be incorporated into a mobile application. From there they can choose, which channels the more frequently they use. With this, your business can be found wherever they want.

# 8 Pick up customers, even before they come
The eighth way this is an exceptional way terrible. An excess inovativ Mobile Applications and technologies that dimilik by Solusi.Mu, allowing you to pick up customers even before they come to your place. How? This technology is called the "Geotargeting" and "Geofencing". Here is a simple example: If at any time, a customer you are passing within a radius of 1 km from where you are, then the auto mobile applications in their gadgets will send you a special offer just for the customer (on the spot), and when he visited the place you then he gets the prize. Imagine how sophisticated this technology. Technology that can make people think, "Ah .. mumpung close and there are discounts ya .., I want to stop by just once". The entire process is automated. This innovation provides a unique experience, like never before. It is a key mobile technology, which will become the new benchmark in the "Premium Customer Experience", and the principal instrument to increase your sales.